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How to reheat tamales

So, you like tamales eh? But...how do you reheat your tamales?

For you canadian friends we have made this is a quick guide of how to reheat your tamales with different methods! Microwave: We will give you a little tip; before placing your tamales in the microwave, wrapped them with a damp paper towel. That would preserve the tamales moist.

1- Remove tamales from foil

2- Heat tamales for 1 to 2 minutes

3- Enjoy! Be careful, they are really hot! Steamer

This is the best way to reheat your tamales! 1- Fill the pot with a bit of water, you do not want the water to touch the basket

2- Place in the basket in the pot

3- Cover with the lid and allow the water to boil

4- Now you can put your tamales in the basket! 5- Cover the pot and reduce the heat to medium level

6- It would take from 10 to 15 minutes for your tamales to be ready


1- Preheat your oven 325 degrees Fahrenheit

2- Place the tamales in an oven safe dish

3- Allow the tamales to heat from 15 to 20 minutes

4- Enjoy!


Ok, just be aware that this way you will get crispy tamales

1- Put a pan with a bit of oil ( one tablespoon) on medium heat

2- Remove tamales from plantain leaf or husk

3- Place tamales in the pan and cover with lid

4- Flip your tamales every 3 to 5 minutes

5- It should take 10 minutes to have your tamales ready

And that's it! Hope this helps

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